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Digital Trends’ top 5 viral videos of April 22, 2011

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We are back with a new selection of videos to tickle your fancy. These videos are not all from this week, but they all made us laugh or caused our jaws to drop recently. Enjoy!

And Now For Something Completely Different

So, this happened…

Behold! The Milky Way! (No, not the candy bar)

Thieves who may have been passing by Spain’s tallest mountain, El Teide, between April 4 and 11 missed their chance to snag a high quality camera that was left to record the perceived movement of the heavens. The thieves loss is our gain.

Car Thief Escapes British Cops

First, it is important to note that we do not in any way endorse the breaking of laws, especially ones that potentially put lives in danger. What this suspect did when a police officer in the UK tried to stop him after identifying the stolen Mercedes was wrong. Even though it looks like it would have been a lot of fun to go all Need for Speed. We would never condone the drivers awesome–err, reckless ways.

Dschinghis Khan Gives Potential James Bond Villains Another Choice

Although this group may look like a Star-Trek Mirror Universe alternative to ABBA, the group is from the former West Germany, and is preforming in Australia, singing a song about Moscow. They are everywhere, like an infection. The star of the band unfortunately passed away a few years back (possibly at the hands of the suspiciously James Bond-y looking villain in blue), but when you are this weird, and we have the internet, you are immortal.

Keenan Cahill Joins the San Francisco Giants

Keenan Cahill has made a name for himself by fulfilling the full potential of the internet, and posting videos of himself lip-synching some of today’s biggest hits. At first, people may have laughed at him, but now most are laughing with him. In the video below, he is joined by the fantastically bizarre San Francisco Giants relief pitcher, Brian Wilson, and his teammate, Cody Ross (plus the Giants mascot which has never really made much sense—is it a dog?) to help promote a charity night to help Cahill, who suffers from the extremely rare disease called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, or MPS type 6. If anyone ever deserved a bit of fame from the slew of internet video sites filled with dudes getting kicked in the nads for fun, people vomiting on film and Kim Kardashian, it is Cahill.

Ryan Fleming
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For the first time since October, the Discovery reality shows have a low presence on this list. It seems like it's been forever since 90 Day Fiancé or its many spinoffs weren't hogging space among Max's top shows. In their place is a new HBO documentary, Murder In Boston: Roots, Rampage & Reckoning, which is one of those true stories that exposes humanity's capacity for lies, greed, murder, and violence.

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The NBA In-Season Tournament has been a slam dunk for the league. The players have been locked in for these tournament games. As we've seen with anything in the NBA, if the players care, the fans will, too. There will need to be a few changes involving pool play and the schedule in the future. With that said, the NBA In-Season Tournament is here to stay.
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