Disney considering Marvel and Star Wars video subscription services

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All eyes are on Dish Network’s new Sling TV streaming video service lately, and apparently that includes big companies like Disney, which is apparently pondering the merits of dedicated Marvel and Star Wars video services.

During a call with industry analysts, Disney CEO Bob Iger suggested there’s “definitely an opportunity” for Disney to expand its involvement with Sling TV, which offers television programming to broadband subscribers without the need for cable or satellite TV contracts. Iger suggested that, along with expanded offerings from ESPN, dedicated programming tied to its Marvel and Star Wars brands might make sense.

“We think we have that opportunity with a Disney branded service,” said Iger (as reported by Deadline). “We may have an opportunity with a Marvel type product and possibly even Star Wars.”

Given the number of movies, television series, and other existing content tied to each of those brands, it’s not difficult to imagine each property getting its own, dedicated “channel,” with no shortage of possibilities for original content related to the Marvel or Star Wars brands.

The Disney CEO was quick to temper expectations, though, with a reminder that the value of the traditional, bundled television package is still greater than that of this new, experimental delivery system for content.

“[Disney is] mindful of the value of the expanded basic bundle to this company,” he said.

Still, Iger called Sling TV “a worthwhile experiment,” and reiterated the company’s desire to develop a “closer relationship to the consumer that can be mined for other revenue-generating purposes.”

“[We want to] provide customers with experiences that they want and demand,” he added. “Basically to be even more user-friendly, more customizable and personalized.”