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Most Disney+ subscribers watch classic Disney movies more than anything else

A new survey reveals what people are watching the most on Disney+, and it looks like subscribers are choosing Disney classics like Marry Poppins and 101 Dalmatians over new content like The Mandalorian. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter Morning Consult Poll, 22% of Disney+ subscribers are choosing to watch Disney vault classic movies the most. This is followed by Star Wars at 21%, Marvel at 15%, and Pixar movies at 14%. The poll sourced 496 self-identified Disney+ subscribers from December 3-4.

Numbers also showed that Disney+ subscribers watch Pixar movies like Toy Story or Monsters Inc. the most frequently, at 38%. Subscribers also regularly watch Disney classics (37%), Star Wars (33%), and Marvel movies (32%).

What seems to be watched the least out of all the categories is Disney+ original content, which includes shows like Encore! and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, as well as movies like Noelle and Lady and the Tramp. 

Another surprising result from the survey was that 37% of people said that they never watch The Simpsons on the streaming platform. 

The survey also broke it down by age groups, revealing that Boomers and Gen Xers mostly watch Star Wars, millennials are more likely to choose Disney classics, and Gen Zers are most like to watch Disney Channel originals like Lizzie McGuire. 

The streaming service has only been out for a little over a month, but has already become one of the biggest things to happen in 2019. 

According to Apptopia, an app-tracking company, Disney+’s mobile app has already been downloaded onto mobile devices 22 million times, averaging about 9.5 million daily users. The Disney+ app is also in the top spot for both Apple and Google app stores. 

Since Apptopia only counts mobile downloads, that 22 million figure is most likely even higher when you factor in those who have downloaded Disney+ on their smart TVs, desktops, or streaming devices. 

Google also recently revealed that Disney+ was the most searched term on Google in the U.S. in 2019, beating out the iPhone 11 and Game of Thrones.

It’s no surprise that the streaming service dominated the year, with big names such as The Mandalorian and Avengers: Endgame being front and center on the app. The streaming service debuted at $7 a month with an extensive list of over 600 movies and TV shows. 

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