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Dracula Untold is the beginning of a Marvelesque Universal monsters reboot

dracula untold beginning marvelesque universal monsters reboot
A producer of the upcoming Dracula Untold confirmed that the film will kick off a Universal Monsters cinematic universe akin to the intertextual metamovie that Marvel has been steadily building since Iron Man (via HeyUGuys).

The Universal Monsters series also reportedly includes The Mummy, a reboot being helmed by Star Trek (2009) and Fringe scribe Alex Kurtzman. The film will supposedly be set in the present day, but seeing as Dracula is an immortal vampire, it stands to reason that he could make a cameo.

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The original Universal Monsters films were made by Universal Studios from 1923 to 1960, and starred Hollywood greats like Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, and Bela Lugosi. Other classics that are up for possible reboots in the new cinematic universe are FrankensteinThe Wolf ManCreature from the Black Lagoon, and The Invisible Man.

Rather than retreading the familiar ground of Jonathan Harker and Dr. Van Helsing in the 19th century, Dracula Untold goes back to the 1400s and explores the origin story of Vlad III Tepes, also known as The Impaler, the Wallachian ruler whose blood-soaked reign would go on to inspire the story of Bram Stoker’s famous vampire.

Dracula Untold hits theaters on October 10.

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