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Tom Cruise and Edge of Tomorrow director team up again for Luna Park

Mission: Impossible 6
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Tom Cruise is set to co-direct sci-fi film Luna Park with Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman according to The Hollywood Reporter. Cruise will likely also star in the feature, which tells the story of rebellious scientists who builds a spaceship to attempt to travel to the moon and steal an energy source.

Liman’s experience working with Cruise on last year’s summer blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow likely convinced him to work with the acclaimed actor/filmmaker again. “[Making movies is] not a business,” said Liman to Esquire on working with Cruise. “We make movies because we love movies, and I don’t think there’s anybody out there who loves movies more than Tom Cruise. We love movies like Edge of Tomorrow. It’s why we go to the movies, and it’s why we make movies.”

In addition to the getting Cruise on board, Liman is no doubt excited to finally see any progress on his passion project. Paramount initially gave Luna Park the green light in 2011, with Chris Evans and Andrew Garfield starring, before it was shelved due to funding issues. The film’s newest push, also with Paramount, has a better chance to come to fruition considering that Cruise (and all his Hollywood might) is now involved.

It’s unclear who will write the script, but Indie Wire notes that the project previously had a slew of screenwriters linked to the project, including John Hamburg (I Love You, Man), Mark Bowden (Black Hawk Down), and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past).

Don’t expect Luna Park to hit the theaters soon, though. Cruise has his hands full: he’ll shoot Jack Reacher 2 this fall and Mission: Impossible 6 next year. The in-demand movie star also just finished production on another Lima project, Mena, a true story about an undercover CIA agent who fronts as a drug smuggling pilot.

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