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Every shadow is terrifying in the first red-band trailer for ‘Alien: Covenant’

Alien: Covenant | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
With every early peek at Alien: Covenant released by 20th Century Fox, the upcoming Prometheus sequel (and Alien prequel) gets a little more creepy — and the first trailer for the film does nothing to slow the project’s fast-rising scare factor.

Released by the studio over the holiday weekend, the red-band, debut trailer for Alien: Covenant doesn’t go overboard on aliens — or more specifically, the franchise’s xenomorphs — but that doesn’t stop it from offering a terrifying glimpse at what the unlucky crew of the spacecraft Covenant experiences when they encounter a mysterious planet with a deadly secret.

Directed by franchise originator Ridley Scott, Alien: Covenant follows the crew of the colony ship Covenant as they discover a seemingly idyllic, uncharted world during their journey to a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. They soon realize that the planet harbors a dark, dangerous secret connected with the events of 2012’s Prometheus.

Along with featuring Prometheus actor Michael Fassbender in the role he reprises in the sequel, the trailer also offers a peek at the newcomers to the Alien franchise in Covenant, including Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, and Benjamin Rigby. Prometheus actors Guy Pearce and Noomi Rapace are also rumored to be reprising their roles in the film.

Back in July, Eastbound and Down star McBride fondly recalled filming Covenant and the film’s use of practical effects.

“Most of the stuff is practical effects: When you’re running from an alien, it’s really a dude in an alien suit coming after you!” he said. “The sets are incredible and you’re in them: We go through some inclement weather at one point on the spaceship, and this whole gigantic set is on a gimbal, shaking up and down. You don’t have to use your imagination.”

Directed by Scott from a script penned by Jack Paglen (Transcendence) and Michael Green (Green Lantern), Alien: Covenant is scheduled to hit theaters May 19.

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