First Look at Thor in Costume!

first look at thor in costume concept art chris hemsworth 02

The Avengers are beginning to assemble! Kinda. A day after the first look at Captain America’s costume designs for the movie Captain America: The First Avenger hit the internet, a concept picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor has also been released.

The entertainment website Collider has received a pair of photos that appear to be concept pictures for the upcoming Marvel movie. The final products might look a bit different, but this seems to be the official look for the Norse god/superhero.

The pictures might seem to look slightly unnatural, and that is probable with concept art. It means that the pictures have been enhanced, or they could be mock-ups, but either way they appear to be genuine studio concept art for the movie.

The movie will be a lead-in to 2012’s The Avengers movie, and stars Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) as the title character with Kenneth Branagh directing. The plot has been closely guarded, but the casting details paint a picture of Thor in Asgard, taking on his half-brother Loki, the trickster god, played by Shakespearean actor Tom Hiddleston. Anthony Hopkins plays Odin, and Natalie Portman stars as Jane Foster, Thor’s human love interest.

Fans that stayed through the credits of Iron Man 2 caught a glimpse of Thor’s hammer Mjolner in a crater in New Mexico. How that fits in to the plot, we will have to wait until next May to know for sure.

So is Thor’s costume a hit?  What do you think?

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