Free Comic Book Prequel for Inception Available Online

free comic book prequel for inception available online inceptioncobol

Although Christopher’s Nolan’s Inception doesn’t hit theaters until this Friday, you can get a taste of what is to come online right now for free, thanks to a comic book prequel to the movie, Inception: The Cobol Job, that has debuted on Yahoo.  You can check out the comic here.

The 18-page comic is available to be read online or as a downloadable .pdf for mobile devices, and the story ends immediately before the movie begins. The comic is written by Joseph Goldberg, a producer for Inception, and a long-time Nolan collaborator.

Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a man who specializes in subconscious security, but who also steals from the minds of his clients. DiCaprio is joined by Joseph Goron-Levitt, Ken Wantanabe, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, and Michael Caine. The movie debuts this Friday in theaters and on iMax.