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Forget your weekend plans and watch Game of Thrones free on HBO Friday through Monday

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Been missing Game of Thrones? Don’t worry, Jon Snow and company have missed you, too. So much, in fact, that you’ll be able to watch the hit show this weekend — for free. Were those the screams of villagers running from night walkers or just your exclamations of excitement? Don’t worry, we won’t tell either way.

Just in time for the highly anticipated premiere of GOT’s sixth season, HBO has announced a free preview weekend. Whether you’re an HBO subscriber or not, you’ll be able to watch hits like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Veep, Jurassic World, and more. So if you have weekend plans, cancel them. You’re about to go on a binge that puts previous binges to shame.

From today to Monday, HBO and Cinemax are feeding your television addiction. If you’ve got a cable subscription (with just about anyone), you’re in luck — you’ll have (at least) 48 hours to watch as many hit shows and television movies as humanly possible. In addition to Sunday’s GOT premiere, in which we’ll finally learn the truth of Jon Snow’s supposed demise, HBO has quite a few other programs to push. There’s Beyoncé’s Lemonade special event, the season premiere of Silicon Valley, and a new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. No seriously, you have to cancel your weekend plans.

So is 48 hours actually enough time to satisfy your TV cravings? Depends on what you’re going for. If you’re one of the lucky few who haven’t had their lives completely taken over by the citizens of Westeros and the magic of George R.R. Martin’s world, you can dive down the rabbit hole tonight if you choose. Each episode of the hit show is about 55 minutes long and there are 50 episodes thus far. So if you start right on time, you’ll be looking at 47 hours of nothing but scheming, sex, violence, and dragons. Sounds like a pretty solid time to us.

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