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What did the Full House cast think of the unauthorized Lifetime movie? ‘So bad’

Fuller House
Lifetime’s unauthorized Full House movie aired on August 22, and if you ask the cast of the actual sitcom, the TV biopic was about as good as the ridiculous wigs used to recreate the ’80s and ’90s hairstyles. Apparently, Lifetime’s look at the drama behind the scenes of the family show left something to be desired. Shocking, we know.

Former Full House — and now Fuller House — stars Candace Cameron Bure (DJ) and Andrea Barber (Kimmy) both tuned in for the show’s TV premiere Saturday, and it sounds like it was eyerolls all around. Barber used an old episodic photo to capture her feelings about the made-for-TV movie, while Cameron Bure was more direct, tweeting it was “So bad. Just so bad.”

Not every Full House alum had complaints about the Lifetime spin on the show’s supposed history, though. John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), for example, sent well wishes to Justin Gaston, the actor who played him. Meanwhile, Bob Saget (Danny) took advantage of the opportunity to plug his 2014 bookDirty Daddy, and Scott Weinger (Steve) missed out completely. All in all, we’d say the cast’s review was negative, but that’s pretty standard for any unauthorized story.

Check out the cast’s tweets in response to the Lifetime original movie below. We give Barber credit for the best reaction.

The authorized Full House story may not have impressed the original show’s cast, but with Fuller House, a sequel series, coming to Netflix in 2016, they should at least be glad for the publicity.

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