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Full House to return in the form of satirical off-Broadway musical

Fuller House
Millenials have held fast to the pop-culture gems of yore. It’s a generation that would rather milk every ounce of nostalgia out of the good ol’ days than settle for subpar entertainment. If you count yourself among that group, you’ve got another throwback to be ironically excited about: Reigning cheesiness champion Full House is back … sort of.

Variety is reporting that the sitcom will soon be adapted into an off-Broadway musical spoof starring gossip king Perez Hilton. The show is set to premiere in Toronto this Summer before moving to New York in the Fall and will include several original songs. Word is, Hilton will play both Bob Saget and his Full House persona Danny Tanner, though how the transition between Saget and the character he played on the sitcom will play out in the musical isn’t clear.

Bob and Tobly McSmith, who co-created the project, have a history of bringing wacky spinoffs to the stage. Bayside! The Musical!, Showgirls! The Musical! and JonBenet! Murder Mystery Theater! are all plays from the duo based on 90’s pop-cultural phenomena and this latest show folds neatly into that satirical resume.

The final episode of the original series aired just over 20 years ago, but Everywhere You Look, Full House is cropping up. In addition to the musical — which premieres August 18th (Toronto) and September 7th (New York),  there is a behind-the-scenes Lifetime movie premiering August 22nd, along with a Netflix sequel (Fuller House) in the works.

Despite being an “unauthorized” Full House spoof, robust laws protecting satire and parody should allow the play to utilize elements of the original source material that might otherwise be protected. So, ready or not, Danny Tanner, Uncles Jesse and Joey, Michelle and, of course, Perez Hilton, are coming to a theater near you. Those behind the show can only hope that the production lives up to its namesake and debuts to a, ahem, full house.

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