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Watch the Full House dads get gritty in this Full House Nights spinoff sketch

Full House Nights
Now that Fuller House is a bona fide success for Netflix with a second season already in development, could there be yet another spinoff for wonderfully cheesy ’90s sitcom Full House on the way?

OK, that’s probably not going to happen, but in a recent sketch on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the Full House father figures offered a glimpse at what an edgier, grittier, more adult spinoff of Fuller House might look like — and it’s actually funny in a goofy, this-would-get-old-quickly kind of way.

A clip from faux series Full House Nights debuted during Colbert’s interview with Fuller House stars Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier during a segment about the Netflix sequel to Full House. Taking a cue from another ’90s series, BaywatchFull House Nights has the the trio’s characters investigating crimes each night after they have their family-friendly sitcom adventures.

Equal parts hard-boiled police procedural and campy spin on Baywatch Nights (which had characters from Baywatch forming a detective agency after their lifeguarding days were over), Full House Nights also features a title sequence that somehow manages to be a mix between the opening sequence for True Detective and Full House. (Basically, it’s very, very weird, and needs to be seen to be believed.)

Some might argue that it’s a shame we’ll never see an actual Full House Nights series, but maybe it’s better this way. The potential for a gritty, procedural crime drama featuring the cast of Full House could be far better in fans’ collective imagination than what would actually end up on the air.

Fuller House is available to watch now on Netflix, with a second season already confirmed. Oh, and there’s still no word on whether Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will ever make their return to the series, despite numerous, overt callouts to the pair during the sequel series.

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