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SF Giants get campy with Full House tribute video, Full Clubhouse

Though it wasn’t exactly a groundbreaking series, Full House has found a way to remain relevant, despite being off the air for years. With an off-broadway musical spoof coming to New York in September, a behind-the-scenes Lifetime movie premiering this weekend, and Netflix’s Fuller House revival, the show is everywhere you look (sorry, couldn’t help it).

Given its enduring popularity, be it ironically or not, all kinds of people are taking notice and are doing so in wonderfully weird fashion. Over the weekend, the MLB’s San Francisco Giants made some noise online with a reenactment of the show’s campy theme song, and it’s as gloriously goofy as you might imagine. The video is dubbed Full Clubhouse and introduces Giants players and administrators as if they were characters on the original show.

In the full video above, stars Brandon Crawford (SS), Hunter Pence (OF), Matt Duffy (3B), Jeremy Affeldt (RP), Javier Lopez (RP), Joe Panik (2B), and even Manager Bruce Bochy all make appearances. We have to give props to those involved for going the extra mile, including recreating the picnic scene from the original theme in AT&T park, as well as players’ impressions of the actors like Brandon Crawford as Uncle Jesse, and Javier Lopez doing his best Stephanie impression as he lobs a frisbee even daintier than she does. 

The video is even cut in 4:3, as opposed to widescreen to give it the authentic ’80s vibe. Watch them side by side, and you’ll be impressed with the parody’s authenticity.

But the best part for true Full House fans has to be the Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) cameo at the end. Uncle Joey steals the show and takes the corniness cake by breaking out his famous Popeye impression, followed by his signature catchphrase, “Cut. It. Out.”

If this seems a bit random to you, remember that the original show was set in the San Francisco Bay Area and was popular at a time when many of these ballplayers were coming of age.

In reality, this is a master class in cross-promotion. The Giants are releasing this video in advance of the team’s Full Clubhouse day on September 30, 2015, so it gives fans incentive to come out to the ballpark, while helping to hype the upcoming Fuller House project. Boom! Win-win.

Fuller House recently started filming and all episodes will be available to stream sometime in 2016. For reference, here’s the original intro to the show below:

Full House - Intro [HQ]

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