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The Full House reboot has begun filming! Cast members share photos from the set

Fuller House
Whether you love it or hate it, it’s too late to stop it now: Netflix’s Fuller House began filming over the weekend. Thanks to tweets from producer John Stamos from the set, we got a glimpse at what the cast was up to as they reprised their roles from the original ’90s-era sitcom, Full House, which ran from 1987-1995.

July 25 marked the first day of shooting, according to a tweet from Andrea Barber (Kimmy), a former Full House cast member and now Fuller House series regular, along with Candace Cameron Bure (DJ) and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie). The show will follow the trio as Kimmy and Stephanie move in with DJ to help her with her two tween sons and soon-to-be born baby after the death of her husband.

The rest of the family hasn’t forsaken them, however. A handful of original cast members were on set to film the first episode, as well. A July 16 tweet from Sweetin revealed that Bob Saget (Danny), Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey), John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), and Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) would be part of Fuller House‘s inaugural episode, as they were all at the table read. When they wrapped filming on July 26, Coulier tweeted from a celebratory dinner attended by many cast members, writing, “First #fullerhouse in the can! Dinner after a great day on set. @jodietweetin @candacecbure @andreabarber #cutitout.”

While many decades have gone by since the original show, some things haven’t changed. As Stamos pointed out on Instagram, he’s still got his sideburns.

And we’re back! Same sideburns- different decade. #FullerHouse #Netflix.

A photo posted by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on

Stamos had previously checked himself into rehab following a DUI, according to People, but he shared over the weekend that he’s “healthy” and “grateful” after a month away.

Andrea Barber (Kimmy), who essentially hasn’t worked in the industry since the original show wrapped, also conveyed gratitude in her tweet. It was clearly an emotional weekend.

Fuller House will debut on Netflix in 2016.

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