When you play Risk: Game of Thrones Edition, you win or you die

game of thrones risk
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Everyone’s favorite bloodbath TV show is merging with everyone’s favorite interminable strategy game board game and fans will soon be able to jockey for control of the elusive Iron Throne from the safety of their living rooms.

Due to release in August, Risk: Game of Thrones Edition was created by USAopoly in partnership with HBO, and should provide a similar experience to what fans of the original have grown to know and love. Only, instead of real-world continents, players will trade territories on one of two maps that, together, comprise GoT’s known universe.

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Expanding upon the original, the Game of Thrones Edition is one of startling complexity, including over 650 pieces,  28 character cards, seven uniquely-crafted armies, seven player boards, two game boards, and a partridge in a pear tree. OK, scratch that last one, but lest you thought this was a half-assed cash grab, think again.

Each of the seven armies has 45 intricate game pieces, with separate designs for one-and three-piece armies, in addition to special “seat of power” pieces.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the game itself offers three distinct ways to play: a two-player game that features House Targaryen and the Ghiscari; a three- to five-player version that features the houses Martell, Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, and Tyrell; and a version that combines both game boards, allowing up to seven players to contest the entire GoT landscape.

Looks like the only thing missing is a Bluetooth speaker looping the theme song and suits of armor to wear while you play. Just take care to avoid dragons, White Walkers, red weddings, and other pitfalls. As George R. R. Martin has proven in the past, no one in safe in the GoT world.

Risk: Game of Thrones Edition can accommodate two to seven players, is recommended for those aged 18 and older, and carries a suggested retail price of $74.95.