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Hilarious new Ghostbusters featurette centers on a not-so-bright Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth’s Ghostbusters character, Kevin, may look like a nerd in his thick glasses, but if you were under that impression, the film’s new featurette will disillusion you. The video makes it clear that the receptionist offers more in the way of beauty than brains. Still, what he lacks in office skills, he makes up for with his sky-high entertainment value.

Hemsworth lays it out plainly in the featurette, calling Kevin “a big, dumb puppy dog.” Plenty of footage supports his claim, from Kevin not remembering what his employer actually does to him wearing lensless glasses to keep them from getting dirty. His co-workers look like they can barely refrain from face-palming a lot of the time, but no more so than when he designs a large-breasted ghost for their logo.

“Is it the boobs you don’t like?” he says, trying to understand their concern. “Because I can make them bigger.”

Not only is the featurette a great Administrative Professionals Day treat, it lets viewers see just how funny Hemsworth is. Although he recently appeared in Vacation, he is better known for playing the big, strong hero thanks to roles like Thor and the Huntsman. The Ghostbusters cast and crew obviously appreciate his comedic chops, and they offer glowing praise during the video.

“When I watch this movie, I go, ‘I just want more Kevin,'” says Leslie Jones, who plays Patty.

Hemsworth reportedly initially had reservations about the size of his role, so the script was revised to give him more to work with. With director Paul Feig considering him “a huge comedic talent,” it’s no wonder the creative team was willing to make changes. Their faith seems to have been rewarded: Kristen Wiig, who plays Erin, mentions what a great improviser he is, and Melissa McCarthy, who portrays Abby, recalls laughing to the point of tears.

We’ll get more of Kevin when Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15.

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