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The international trailer for the remake of Ghostbusters has lots of new footage

We got our first trailer for director Paul Feig’s remake of Ghostbusters last week, and now another trailer has been released with even more footage from the franchise-rebooting film.

In the new, international trailer for Ghostbusters, there’s a bit more comedy, a few more ghosts, and quite a bit more Chris Hemsworth, among other things. Oh, and there’s a great scene with Saturday Night Live regular Leslie Jones in there, too.

Directed by Bridesmaids filmmaker Feig, Ghostbusters features a quartet of leading ladies taking on a dangerous, supernatural threat to New York City that has seemingly brought chaos to the city and turned a trio of scientists and a subway system employee into humanity’s unlikely saviors. Feig co-wrote the film with his writing partner on The Heat, Katie Dippold.

The Ghostbusters remake stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy as a brilliant particle physicist and an expert in the paranormal, respectively, as well as Kate McKinnon as a nuclear engineer the pair recruit to build their ghost-busting gear. Jones plays a subway station worker who gets caught up in the trio’s efforts to save the world, and also brings along the Cadillac hearse that becomes the team’s trademark transportation. The film is expected to feature plenty of nods to the original franchise despite not having a narrative connection to it, and might even include a few cameos from the original Ghostbusters cast.

Along with those four leads, the film also stars Chris Hemsworth as the team’s receptionist, Andy Garcia as NYC’s mayor, Michael K. Williams as a character named “Hawkins,” Matt Walsh as a character named “Rourke,” and Neil Casey as the film’s villain. Pat Kiernan, the popular news anchor for New York City television news network NY1 will also appear as … wait for it … a news anchor in the film.

Ghostbusters is scheduled to hit theaters July 15.

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