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It's bustin' time in the first trailer for the Ghostbusters remake

Strap on your proton packs, folks. The first trailer for the Ghostbusters remake has officially arrived.

Sony Pictures offered up the very first footage from director Paul Feig’s highly anticipated reboot of the franchise this week, and the preview features all four members of the new, all-female team of paranormal investigators in action — and getting slimed.

Along with providing the first look at the July film, the trailer features quite a few call-outs to the original movies that fans will certainly recognize, from the team’s firehouse headquarters to the converted Cadillac that gets them around New York City, to the presence of Slimer himself around the 1:36 mark in the video.


While the trailer seems to suggest in its opening moments that the film is a sequel to the 1984 original, Feig has made it clear that this Ghostbusters kicks off an entirely new continuity that isn’t connected to the original films.

The Ghostbusters remake stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy as a brilliant particle physicist and an expert in the paranormal, respectively. When New York City suddenly becomes a hotbed of ghostly activity, the pair recruit a nuclear engineer played by Kate McKinnon to help them take on this supernatural threat. As you can see in the trailer, Leslie Jones’ character later joins the team, and brings along the Cadillac hearse that becomes the quartet’s trademark transportation.

The trailer also provides a brief glimpse of Thor star Chris Hemsworth in his role as the team’s receptionist, as well as a host of colorful ghosts that the team will tackle during their adventure. Fans will certainly recognize the new iteration of the library ghost that was introduced early in the 1984 movie, which has been updated for the film and takes a more active role in spooking Wiig’s character.

Ghostbusters is scheduled to hit theaters July 15.

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