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Look out Netflix and Amazon: Google Play Movies & TV All Access may launch soon

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Although there are plenty of video streaming apps, cord cutter hopefuls are still begging for more. Services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are decent values, but most of their content is dated. Google is one company that might be able to change the game with its own streaming on demand service at a competitive price.

Google_Opinion_Rewards_Movie_Pass_ScreenshotIt appears Google is at least thinking about taking on Amazon and Netflix with their own service. It already offers the Google Play Movies & TV app, but it only allows you to rent or purchase content. That can get expensive, especially if you’re looking to watch TV shows. An option to watch unlimited content for a monthly price is what drives consumers in today’s competitive market.

A user on Google+ happened to stumble upon an interesting question in a Google Opinions Reward survey. The question asked, “Do you have a Google monthly movie pass?” The issue here is that Google does not offer a monthly movie pass. Now this could be a planted question to make sure the user is paying attention, as Google likes to do. However, this would be an odd question for that since a lot of people might not even know if a Google monthly movie pass exists or not.

Why that question is there is anyone’s guess. It could be a mistake or it could be yet another example of how Google likes to tease its core audience. If you think about it though, a streaming video service makes a lot of sense for Google. They already have Google Play Music All Access combined with YouTube Music Key so why not build upon that? It could even offer its own exclusive content through a tie-in with YouTube. Although the survey question doesn’t refer to it as so, “Google Play Movies & TV All Access” would be the perfect name for the service.

Google would obviously be late to the game, but it has the power to make a huge splash with a competitive pricing model. With Netflix starting at $8, Google could offer its service for $7 or under.

Right now, Google Play Movies & TV All Access is more like a dream, but it could be a reality very soon.

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