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Awesome! The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is coming out on cassette tape

guardians of the galaxy soundtrack on cassette tape mix
The cassette tape is making a comeback, thanks to Marvel’s latest hit Guardians of the Galaxy. Come November 17, you too can rock out to Awesome Mix No.1 the way Star-Lord’s mom intended — on cassette.

The film’s soundtrack is already available on CD and vinyl, as well as digital download, but now it’s coming out on cassette tape. According to Billboard, the Guardians cassette will be released by Marvel Music/Hollywood Records, which is a division of the Disney Music Group. From November 17 to December 31, the limited edition cassette version of the soundtrack will only be available at stores that are part of the Record Store Day’s community of independent retailers. It’s the first cassette that Disney has released since 2003.

Luckily, each cassette will also come with a digital download of the album, so you don’t have to worry that you’re plunking money down for nostalgia’s sake alone. The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, with its mix of great retro tunes from the ’70’s, spent two weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart after it first came out. It enchanted fans of the movie and brought classics like Cherry Bomb, Hooked on a FeelingSpirit in the Sky, and others back into the limelight.

It’s unclear how many copies of the soundtrack will be available on cassette tape, but they’ll undoubtedly sell out fast. So go find your local record store and dust off your Walkman (if you have one). As for all you young folks who never owned a cassette tape in your life, go check out some Walkmans on eBay — They’re cheap!

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