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HBO announces September return of Project Greenlight with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

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Get excited, Project Greenlight fans! HBO has announced that the series will return in September after more than ten years off the air. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, both of whom were among the show’s original executive producers, are back on board for the new season.

Project Greenlight follows as a pack of filmmakers is narrowed down to a single winner who is then tasked with producing a feature-length movie. Over the eight-episode season, the winning filmmaker faces the challenges of adhering to a schedule and budget, managing a cast and crew, and dealing with pressure from the studio and producers. The upcoming season will be Project Greenlight‘s fourth; the show originally ran for two seasons on HBO between 2001 and 2003 before being bounced to Bravo for a single season in 2005.

Project Greenlight was ahead of its time,” said Affleck in an HBO press release. “Now that technology has caught up to the concept, we thought it was a perfect time to bring it back. A whole new generation of filmmakers has grown up sharing everything, and the next big director could be just an upload away.”

Project Greenlight works — careers have been launched and sustained as a direct result of this contest,” added Damon. “Pete Jones, John Gulager, Patrick Melton, and Marcus Dunstan are just a few of the PGL alums who’ve gone on to do great things in Hollywood, and Ben and I are really proud of that.”

Season 4 of Project Greenlight will be produced for HBO by Adaptive Studios in association with Pearl Street Films, Miramax, and Magical Elves. In addition to Affleck and Damon, Marc Joubert, TJ Barrack, Perrin Chiles, Marshall Lewy, Zanne Devine, Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth, and Alexander Lipsitz will executive produce.

Project Greenlight season 4 debuts on Sunday, Sept. 13 on HBO at 10/9 c.

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