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Now streaming: Showtime’s hit political thriller ‘Homeland’ lands on Hulu

Homeland season 7
Showtime’s Homeland is expanding into new subscription video on demand territory. Hulu announced today that it is now streaming seasons 1 through 4 of Showtime’s Homeland. The streamer gained SVOD rights by reaching a multiyear deal with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, reports Variety.

While the new deal has been called “exclusive” by Hulu, there is a caveat: Showtime’s streaming service still offers Homeland to subscribers as well. Nonetheless, Hulu is the only non-Showtime service where members can stream the first four seasons of the terrorism-centric drama without subscribing to the premium network. Season 5, the critically acclaimed series’ most recent, will also become available at a later date.

Hulu touted the new deal in a tweet today, telling users that that their “subscription got even better” with the addition of Homeland.

Homeland has been a success for Showtime since premiering in 2011. The political thriller has enjoyed both critical acclaim and a positive fan response over the years, racking up numerous high-profile nominations and awards, including Emmys and Golden Globes. As such, the show has served as bait for would-be Showtime subscribers, likely leading to Showtime’s reluctance to stream it elsewhere until now.

The new deal, however, seems to lend itself well to hooking new fans and converting them into Showtime subscribers as well. With only four out of five seasons on Hulu, members may find themselves signing up for the Showtime service just to be able to continue getting their Homeland fix. Conveniently, they can sign up for the service through Hulu for $9 a month.

The Fox 21 Television Studios-produced series is set to begin production on its sixth season this summer and will return with new episodes in early 2017.

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