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How to stream the 2022 midterm elections on The Roku Channel

This year, election day falls on November 8 in the U.S. Since it’s two years removed since the presidential election, 2022 marks the crucial midterm elections. Many states will host vital elections that will impact the future of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Also, the important gubernatorial elections will be held in 36 states. The significance can not be understated, which is why The Roku Channel will offer free streaming options for election coverage.

If you have a Roku device, then you can access both national and local news coverage all around the country. Roku users can watch from the web or flip through the channels on their devices. These outlets will provide round-the-clock election coverage and supply information as to what’s going on in your area and around the coverage.

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Free national live news options on The Roku Channel

The free national live news options include NBC News, ABC News, and Reuters. The entire list of national news options is listed below.

Free local live news options on The Roku Channel

The free local live news options focus on l areas of the country where the results will be highly-anticipated. These cities include New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. The entire list of local live news options is listed below.

For a guide on how to set up a Roku device and connect it to your TV, click here.

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