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Dying to watch ‘American Gods?’ Here’s how to stream it without getting cable

How do you fight gods? With other gods, obviously. Based on Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed novel of the same name, the new Starz new drama American Gods follows recently-released and widowed prisoner Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) as he travels with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) across the country. The two of them have one mission: Gather a team of old gods to battle with a new crop of gods who have begun incorporating themselves into American life.

The highly anticipated series is currently airing on Starz at 9 p.m. PT on Sundays, but that doesn’t mean you need cable to watch. Times have changed, and a record number of people have cut the cord and cancelled their premium cable subscriptions. Like HBO and Showtime, Starz now allows fans to subscribe directly to the network via a standalone subscription service. Starz is also included in a few live TV streaming services. Some options let you watch episodes earlier than you can on TV, while others let you watch on multiple devices at once, and all of them are considerably cheaper than cable. Here’s what you need to know.

Watch via Starz app

Starz recently began offering its extensive library of movies and TV shows to non-cable subscribers with a standalone streaming app, a mere year after HBO launched the aptly titled HBO Now. For $9 a month, you can now watch Shadow’s fantastical adventures with the gods in all their gory, crystal-clear glory. One of the most attractive caveats of the app is the ability to download episodes for offline viewing, allowing you to watch virtually anywhere.

The Starz app also lets you watch American Gods episodes in advance of their televised airing. The network releases episodes at midnight on the Sunday they are set to premiere, nearly a full day before their televised airtime. So if you wake up on Sunday morning itching for some mythological battles, then the Starz app is perfect for satiating your hunger. The app allows you to stream video from one account on four different devices, more than any other streaming option available for American Gods. Below are the devices currently supported.

Apple iPad Select 2014 Samsung Smart TVs with Smart Hub
Apple iPhone Xbox One S
Apple TV Xbox One
Apple iPod touch Android phones
Android tablets Mac
Amazon Fire TV Kindle Fire
Sony Smart TV Roku
Chromecast PC
Nvidia Shield Nexus Player
Razer Forge TV

Watch via Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has begun offering add-on channels, including HBO and Starz, the latter of which is available at the same price as the standalone Starz app, at $9 per month. As with the Starz app, those who’ve subscribed to Starz via Amazon Prime Video get early access to new episodes of American Gods. You can also stream up to three videos from the same account, but you can only stream the same video to one device, so you’ll have to share a device if, say, you and your roommates get the AG hankering at the same time. Below are the devices currently compatible with Amazon Prime Video and, by extension, Starz.

Apple iPad Select Samsung Smart TVs
Apple iPhone Xbox 360
Apple TV Xbox One
Apple iPod touch Android phones
Android tablets Mac
Amazon Fire TV Kindle Fire
Sony Smart TV Roku
Playstation 4 PC
Playstation 3 Wii
Wii U Select LG Smart TVs
Tivo Vizio Smart TVs
Amazon Fire TV Stick Xbox One S

Watch via Sling TV

Dish Network’s live TV streaming service Sling TV, which now offers 30 live cable channels like CNN and ESPN for as low as $20 a month, has also begun bundling in premium channels like Starz. For that same $9 a month mentioned above, you can add Starz and watch the latest American Gods episodes live or on-demand.

The cost to watch Shadow dismantle unsavory gods on Sling TV will vary, however, depending on which package you get: Sling Orange or Sling Blue. Sling Orange costs $20 a month, but you can only stream to one device at a time, while Sling Blue lets you stream to three devices simultaneously, and get access to 15 additional channels for $25 per month. One thing you probably won’t have to worry about is how you’ll stream Sling TV, however, as the ubiquitous service is available on a litany of devices. See below for the full list.

Apple iPad (iOS 9 and later) Roku (Roku LT and later)
Apple iPhone (iOS 9 and later) Select LG Smart TVs
Apple TV (4th generation and later) Xbox One
LeEco Smart TVs Android phones (Android 4.4 and later)
Android tablets (Android 4.4 and later) Mac (Lion 10.7 and later)
Amazon Fire TV Kindle Fire
Chromecast PC (Windows 7 or later)

Watch via DirectTV Now

Sling TV may have been the first to offer a-la-carte live television en masse, but several others are currently jockeying for position, including DirecTV Now. The service offers 100 channels for a mere $35 a month, and offers incentives like a year of free HBO. Lucky for American Gods fans, Starz was added to the DirecTV Now offerings a few months before the show’s premiere. The cheapest DirecTV Now package will land you 60 channels for $35 a month, and Starz can be added on for an additional $8 a month (a $1 savings each month). You will only be able to stream to two devices simultaneously, but if you’re an AT&T customer, you can stream to your heart’s content it counting toward your data limit. DirecTV Now is available on fewer devices than most of its competitors at present, however. See the full list below.

Apple iPad (iOS 9 and later) Apple iPhone (iOS 9 and later)
Apple TV (4th generation or later) Chromecast built-in TVs
Apple iPod touch (iOS 9 and later) Android phones (Android 4.4 and later)
Android tablets (Android 4.4 and later) Chrome (50 or later)
Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire Stick
Chromecast (Android only) Internet Explorer (11 or later)
Safari (8 and later)

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