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How to watch American Horror Story online: Catch up before season 10 for free

The Ryan Murphy episodic universe is a dark, twisted, melodramatic, and, above all, addictive place. Luckily for fans of Murphy’s TV masterpieces, plenty of streaming services provide the opportunity to get lost in his extensive selection of binge-worthy shows. American Horror Story is his longest-running and arguably most popular series to date. The anthology horror show offers a new storyline and cast of characters every season, with the varying themes ranging from witch covens to creepy cults to an actual apocalypse. Here’s how to watch American Horror Story online — eccentricities and all.

Created By: Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk
Cast: Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Denis O’Hare, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Jamie Brewer, Angela Bassett
Number of Seasons: 9

How To Watch American Horror Story Online In The U.S.

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Hulu is the only streaming service to house all nine seasons of American Horror Story. Best of all, the platform offers a one-month free trial with full access to its library of popular titles for new customers. If you’d like to continue the subscription once the 30 days are up, the monthly fee comes out to $6 per month with ads and $12 per month without. Although ads can be a bit of a buzzkill in the middle of an addictive binge like American Horror Story, you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s worth the extra $6 a month to avoid the interruptions. With the least expensive plan and most seasons available, Hulu is the best streaming option for your American Horror Story kick.

Amazon’s Prime Video also offers Murphy’s American Horror Story, but — unlike Hulu — it doesn’t have access to the most recent season. Still, if you want to tune in to the show’s first eight seasons, then sign up for Prime’s 30-day free trial. It lets you explore the service’s shows and movies without having to pay a fee. Though it can be easily canceled at its conclusion, if you like American Horror Story and Prime’s other streaming offerings then you can sign up for a subscription for just $9 per month — only $108 per year, after a one-month free trial.

Beyond Prime and Hulu, you can watch American Horror Story on the original streaming giant: Netflix. Unfortunately, like Prime, it only offers seasons 1-8 of the series. Also like Prime, there’s a free one-month trial that can lead to a $9 per month subscription. Well, kind of. If you commit to Netflix’s basic subscription at the free trial’s conclusion, you’re granted access to the full media library for $9 per month with the caveat of only being able to stream content on one screen at a time. If you’re only signing 0n for a subscription for yourself, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re looking to create an account housing multiple users, you’ll have to splurge for Netflix’s standard or premium plan. They cost $13 and $16 per month, respectively, and allow multiple users to simultaneously browse and stream shows like American Horror Story.

On May 26, FX announced that the series’ season 10 would be pushed back to 2021 due to production delays in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. This gives viewers plenty of time to watch, or perhaps rewatch, the show. With its demented premises and gory content, American Horror Story is not every binger’s cup of tea. However, if you’re a die-hard Murphy fan or just someone with a taste for eccentricity, it’s worth committing to one of these streaming services to see one of TV’s strangest and most addictive series yet.

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