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How to watch Homestead Rescue: Stream the season 10 premiere for free

Have you ever daydreamed about dropping everything, selling almost all your worldly possessions and living a simple life off the land? It’s a popular fantasy in our world of constant technological bombardment. The fantasy has contributed to the popularity of the reality show Homestead Rescue. The show follows a team of homestead experts who travel around the country helping people improve their off-the-grid homes. Building your own homestead is a lot harder than it sounds, and the Raney family is here to help struggling new homesteaders. Season 10 of the show premieres tonight on the Discovery Channel and sees the family head to the hills of Wyoming. Here are all the ways you can watch Homestead Rescue tonight.

Watch Homestead Rescue on Discovery Plus

HBO Max and Discovery+ app icons.
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The simplest way to watch Homestead Rescue is straight through the Discovery Plus app. It may seem ironic to watch a homesteading show through a streaming service, but it is the best option. The app costs $5 per month if you don’t mind watching ads, or $7 per month for an ad-free version. There is even a Discovery Plus free trial if you want to test out the service before dropping any cash. The trial lasts seven days and gets you the ad-free version. You can also buy the Discovery Plus app through your Hulu or Amazon Prime Video subscription as a premium add-on if you want all your streaming services to go through one bill and one app. On both apps it is still $5 or $7 per month.

Watch Homestead Rescue on Sling TV

Sling TV app icon on Apple TV.
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If you want to watch more than just Homestead Rescue, you can get a full subscription to Sling TV. The app is the streaming alternative to cable and gives you hundreds of live TV channels and on-demand content. Sling TV offers two different subscription packages, Orange and Blue. If you want the Discovery Channel, you’ll need the Blue package. Sling TV Blue is currently only $20 for your first month, a 50% discount off the usual price. It comes with dozens of other channels including Fox News, National Geographic, TLC and more.

Watch Homestead Rescue on FuboTV

FuboTV app icon on Apple TV.
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FuboTV is another one of the best live TV streaming services available today. There are four different FuboTV plans with varying prices and packages. The base plan is called Fubo Pro and includes the Discovery Channel. The plan starts at $75 per month and includes about 145 channels besides Discovery. If you’re not ready to drop that much cash without testing the waters first, you can try the FuboTV free trial. You get seven days of any Fubo TV plan for free. Start your FuboTV free trial now and get tonight’s Homestead Rescue premiere for free.

Watch Homestead Rescue from abroad with a VPN

NordVPN company name and logo, blue mountain peaks against a white circle on a blue background.

If you already have one of these subscriptions and are worried about accessing Homestead Rescue from abroad, we have an easy solution: Get a VPN and mask your location through a server in the US. It’s super easy. We think the best VPN is NordVPN. It’s great for streaming, protects your identity and is easy to use. NordVPN is currently 59% off, only $4.19 per month for a two-year plan. If you’re only concerned about watching tonight’s episode, you can test out the service with the NordVPN free trial. Once your free month is over and you’re back in the US, you can reassess whether you need that full two-year plan. We’re betting you will.

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