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How to watch Mr. Robot online: Stream all four seasons for free

When Mr. Robot first hit the air in 2015, USA Network wasn’t exactly known for award-caliber output, but the innovative show caught TV audiences by surprise and has nearly single-handedly bumped the network up a notch, making them more of a serious competitor to the likes of HBO and Showtime. Mr. Robot concluded its fourth and final season in December, but in today’s modern world inhabited by citizens questioning internet security levels, there’s no fear of the cyber-thriller losing relevance anytime soon. And, fortunately, viewers can now watch Mr. Robot online in its entirety, including the seventh episode of the final season 407 Proxy Authentication Required, which quickly became regarded as one of the best hours in the series, and perhaps in television history.

Mr. Robot tackles the fraught subject of cybersecurity, and has been applauded for its accuracy in terms of its approach toward technology as well as mental illness, which the antihero of the series, Elliot Alderson, suffers from. Rami Malek, who stars as Elliot, a computer programmer for a large corporation by day and an underground hacker by night, became quite the star — and an Oscar winner for his brilliant portrayal of Freddie Mercury in 2018 — during the span of the show’s life.

Created By: Sam Esmail
Cast: Rami Malek, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, Martin Wallström, Christian Slater
Number of Seasons: 4

How to watch Mr. Robot online in the U.S.

While there is currently no single venue online where all four seasons of the series can be seen for free, Amazon Prime Video holds the exclusive streaming rights and all 45 episodes reside there. The first three seasons are free to Prime members, and if you’re not already one, Amazon Prime offers a one-month free trial to their services. Unless canceled, regular rates of $119 per year or $13 per month go into effect following the trial period. Season four is not included in Prime Video, though, and has to be purchased at $2 (SD) or $3 (HD) per episode of $17 (SD) or $25 (HD) for the entire season.

In order to watch the fourth season free of charge, viewers have to move on over to a Live TV plus on-demand service like Fubo TV, which offers a free seven-day trial, allowing enough time to leisurely finish off the series, or Sling TV, whose promotion of the moment allows for three free days, meaning some serious bingeing would be required. Regular Fubo rates run from $55 to $80, while Sling TV starts at $30 (or $20 if one of their active promotions is applied).

DirecTV subscribers, too, have access to the fourth season (as well as the first and second), but there are no trials for new subscribers. And all episodes can be purchased or rented through FandangoNOW, Google Play Movies, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and Vudu for $2 to $3 per episode or $17 to $25 per season, depending on the definition. But it would make little sense to view a show about high technology in Standard Def.

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