Have a beer at the new Indiana Jones-themed bar at Disney World this fall

indiana jones themed bar coming to disney jock lindsay s hangar
Courtesy of Disney
Beginning this fall, you’ll be able to imbibe on some spirits, and get your Indiana Jones fix at the same time at Walt Disney World. America’s favorite mouse-based theme park is putting up a gastro-monument to the legendary archaeologist/adventurer — and for Indiana Jones nerds, the obscure theme is sure to cause a smirk.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, located in Downtown Disney, will be an aviation-themed lounge featuring themed cocktails, small plates, propeller-based ceiling fans, and a diving bell “booth.” The theme park’s blog gives a taste of the upcoming menu for the 150-capacity restaurant, including the “Hovito Mojito” (Barsol Quebranta Pisco, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup), the “Air Pirates Everything Pretzels” (made with house-made mustard and beer cheese fondue), and “Rolling Boulder Meatballs.”

Wondering who Jock Lindsey is? He’s Indy’s pilot of Raiders of the Lost Ark fame, and owner of a pet snake named Reggie. Most notably, he helps Indy escape from the angry natives at the beginning of Raiders — you remember, he’s the guy chilling in the seaplane as Indy narrowly avoids about 200 spears to the back of the head. While certainly a background character, Lindsey regularly rescues Dr. Jones from danger in his trusty nautical prop plane.

The Hangar Bar will include “an expansive bar, aviation decor filling the room, vintage travel posters covering the walls, and correspondence between Jock, Indy, and their fellow adventurers on display.” Visitors can also dine outside “in Jocks’ old steamboat,” named Reggie. The blog notes that Reggie the snake will be an important part of the new bar, so here’s hoping you don’t hate snakes as much as Dr. Jones does.

While you’re waiting for the latest installment in the Indiana Jones’ series, Disney wants you to take a trip to Orlando. If you do happen to make the trip later this year, you can make a day out of revisiting Indiana Jones by watching Raiders of the Lost Ark-inspired Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. And you definitely have time: while there is another film in the works now that Disney has the reins to the franchise, Lucasfilm hasn’t begun working on a script yet.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar will be open for business at Walt Disney World Resort sometime this fall.

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