Indiana Jones to be re-released in 3D

indiana jones to be re released in 3d raiders

George Lucas loves him some 3D! Or maybe he just loves money…  Either way, Blue Sky Disney is reporting that Lucasfilms is planning on re-releasing all of the Indiana Jones movies in 3D, beginning with Raiders of the Lost Ark. And yes, they will even be re-releasing The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 3D so you can watch Shia LaBeouf swing from the vines with a bunch of monkeys and watch a man survive a point blank atomic bomb detonation by crawling into a refrigerator—but in 3D!

Like the Star Wars films which will soon receive the 3D theatrical treatment as well, the Indy movies will receive a lengthy conversion process that is likely to take at least a year. Lucasfilms has not given a projected release date for the films, but it is unlikely they will hit theaters before 2012.

Work also continues on a fifth Indiana Jones film, and according to cast members, it is just a matter of finishing the script and finding the time in everyone’s schedules. If it happens, it seems a given that the movie will be filmed in 3D.