Rumor: Iron Man 3’s ugly beige armor includes a cool new weapon

Iron Man 3 Beige Armor

Those of you who paid rapt attention to the information filtering out of the relatively recent San Diego Comic Con have no doubt seen images of that new red-and-creme suit Tony Stark dons at some point during Iron Man 3. Then, if you’re like the rest of the Internet, you likely wondered why anyone would ever want to alter the relatively traditional Iron Man aesthetic with a color more appropriate for a vanilla frappucino. You laughed, you rolled your eyes, and you moved right along, either writing the film off entirely, or placing your faith in director Shane Black and star Robert Downey Jr. to make a movie as entertainingly charming as their earlier collaboration on the excellent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Given that those Comic Con images came with no explanatory text, the above reaction is perfectly understandable. Unless that stupid, offensively inoffensive color scheme conceals some awesome new powers for Iron Man to turn on his foes in the course of Iron Man 3 the movie could skew directly into “unintentional comedy” territory. According to a new report from the fine folks at Latino Review however, it seems that the new suit is far more than just a casualty of questionable aesthetics. Please note that the following most likely contains Iron Man 3 spoilers, so if you’d rather go into the film completely unawares you should probably click through to this story about Final Fantasy.

Anyway, on with the spoilers: 

The Extremis-enhanced bad guys under direction of Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin villain are going to be too much for Tony to handle on his own, so he thinks ahead, thinks big and has a plan. Tony’s about to go out and fight some bad guys when he mentions the Mark XLVII to Pepper Potts. Pepper asks what happened to the other forty and Tony just smiles.

From the cockpit of Mark XLVII Tony is able to control multiple armors in battle. We over here at LR have been vaguely aware of an action scene where Tony was going to control multiple Iron Man suits (presumably they look similar to distract his enemies as to the location of kill-able Iron Man Prime), but the number 40 seems…awesome. 40 Iron Men.

You see that “rumor” bit at the beginning of the above headline? That’s rather important to remember here. While Latino Review has an impressively solid track record of predicting exactly this sort of thing prior to a big-budget film release, this is the first we’ve heard of these swarms of remote-controlled Iron Man drones. No one officially tied to the film has offered such claims, nor even dropped hints that might allude to such things.

That said, we’re with Latino Review on how awesome this concept sounds. Iron Man and War Machine facing off against a dozen second-tier robots at the end of Iron Man 2 was pretty cool, but a scene featuring 40 separate Iron Man suits all working in unison to take down a threat just sounds like the kind of over-the-top, bombastic spectacle that comic book movies do so very well.

Now if only the filmmakers would reconsider that boring color scheme. Maybe something in a nice matte crimson, perhaps?