Rumored female Robin role in Batman V Superman may go to a Hunger Games star

jena malone rumored play female robin batman v superman dawn justice sucker punch

There’s an impressive level of secrecy surrounding production on Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but bits of information do occasionally emerge from Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated (and already polarizing) upcoming sequel to Man Of Steel. The latest report indicates that actress Jena Malone may be joining the cast of the superhero crossover film, and rumors suggest her role may be that of a female Robin.

While the reports are all unofficial — and therefore unconfirmed — at this point, The Hollywood Reporter indicates that its anonymous sources have corroborated reports of Malone’s involvement in the film. Less certain, however, is the role the Sucker Punch and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress will play.

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Central Michigan NBC affiliate WILX-10 recently reported that Malone will play a female version of Robin, Batman’s longtime partner, in Dawn Of Justice. The network’s source for the report — a mysterious person who claims to be an extra on the film — seems a bit sketchy, but it wouldn’t be entirely off-base to cast a female Robin given the project’s primary source material.

From the moment the project was first announced at San Diego’s Comic-Con International, Snyder and the studio have referenced Frank Miller’s celebrated 1980s series The Dark Knight Returns as inspiration for the film. That story also featured a female Robin — a character named Carrie Kelley — who is rescued by Batman and becomes his new apprentice ahead of his climactic showdown with Superman.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.