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Jimmy Fallon explains how he almost lost a finger in ‘ring avulsion’ accident

While Jimmy Fallon has made light of plenty of serious events in his career, there are some things you can’t just laugh off — well, not right away, at least. After a two-week hiatus, the comedian returned to the Tonight Show on Monday with a big bandage and one hell of a story.

In the video above, Fallon explains — in grisly detail — the circumstances of the (Warning: Do not Google) “ring avulsion” that kept him in the Intensive Care Unit at NYC’s Bellevue Hospital for 10 long days, wondering whether or not he would need to have his left ring finger amputated.

Apparently, Fallon tripped on a braided rug in his home and snagged his wedding ring on a countertop while trying to catch his fall. His finger ended up completely sideways and was only saved when a particularly talented surgeon took a vein from his foot and threaded it through the damaged digit. One false move and the vein would have closed up, which would have forced the late-night host to have his finger permanently removed. As it stands, he won’t have any feeling in the area for another 8 weeks, while he waits for it to heal.

Fortunately, the Comedian found time to reflect and relax during his extended stay in the hospital, reading books about the meaning of life and watching (and re-watching) teen movies like The DUFF (2015).

While there are some jokes in the mix, his recap of the incident even gets touching at times. With plenty of time to contemplate his life, the comedian realized that his show is what gives him purpose and allows him to help others.  “If anyone is suffering at all, this is my job, I’m here to make you laugh” said Fallon, adding “get outta the hospital! Get out! I’m telling you, you’re going to be fine,” to a backdrop of thunderous applause.

We’re glad to hear that he is on the mend and cracking jokes again, and we reiterate his sentiment, sending our best to anyone dealing with an extended hospital stay. Laughter may not actually be the best medicine, but hopefully it can keep the spirits up, and help the time go by.

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