John Oliver uses soap opera stars to make his point about the Syrian refugee crisis

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John Oliver made magic happen for 16-year-old Syrian refugee Noujain Mustaffa on the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight: He reunited her favorite soap opera couple, EJ and Sami, for a scene that highlighted the heartbreaking crisis and the mistreatment of refugees. There was even a shoutout to the amazing teenager — and Days of Our Lives Fan — who journeyed for 20 days from her hometown to the border of Hungary, a trek made all the more difficult by the fact that she’s in a wheelchair.

Along with her sister and a family friend, Mustaffa has been trying to reach Germany, where her brother is already seeking asylum, according to the BBC. Oliver was clearly touched by her story and used it as an example of the struggle that many refugees have faced, from not being to get an appointment to register with the government till five years from now to being kicked by members of the media.

He didn’t stop there, though. In a brilliant move, Oliver enlisted the help of actors James Scott and Alison Sweeney and had them reprise their Days roles to drive the message home.

Fans of the soap, like Mustaffa, know that the reunion was complicated by the fact that Scott’s character, EJ, was killed off, but fortunately, a little thing like that didn’t prevent the reunion from happening. In the skit, EJ explains that he was resurrected by witch doctors. “It was nothing,” he adds. “Coming back from the dead, that’s not hard. You know what’s hard? Getting from Syria to Germany.”

Sami agrees, asking her long-lost love, “Have you seen what those migrants are going through?” The two continue to discuss the crisis, with EJ finally adding, “You know, there are some amazing people coming through that border. I read about this incredible 16-year-old girl from Kobani named Noujain Mustaffa.”

Simply put, the skit is gold. Watch the segment below. The hilarious yet thought-provoking reunion comes around the 15:35 mark.