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Jon Hamm steps into a classic role in Confess, Fletch

Stop trying to make Fletch happen! Someone had to say it. Although truthfully, Miramax and Paramount may be their own greatest enemies on Confess, Fletch because they’re only starting to promote it a few weeks before its release. That’s not a recipe for success. Regardless, Jon Hamm is giving it his best as he steps into the role of Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher, a character previously portrayed by Chevy Chase in two Fletch movies from the ’80s. However, Hamm really believes in this character, as he’s not only starring in Confess, Fletch, but he’s also producing it as well.

CONFESS, FLETCH | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

The story is based on the second book in Gregory Mcdonald’s series of novels, which is also called Confess, Fletch. And as the name implies, ol’ Fletch is in a world of trouble. As an investigative reporter, Fletch isn’t exactly beloved by the local police. So when Fletch emerges as the prime suspect in a murder case that revolves around valuable stolen art, the cops aren’t reluctant to put Fletch behind bars … if they can.

For Fletch, there’s really only one option. He has to find the real killer before he takes the fall for their crimes. But who can Fletch trust when even his girlfriend has a strong motive to frame him and make off with a fortune in stolen art?

Jon Hamm in Confess, Fletch.

Hamm’s former Mad Men co-star John Slattery is also featured in the film as Frank, with Marcia Gay Harden as The Countess, Kyle MacLachlan as Horan, Roy Wood Jr. as Detective Monroe, Lorenza Izzo as Angela, Ayden Mayeri as Griz, John Behlmann as Owen, and Annie Mumolo as Eve.

Greg Mottola directed Confess, Fletch from a screenplay he co-wrote with Zev Borow. It will get a theatrical and digital release on September 16. Confess, Fletch will then premiere on Showtime on October 28, 2022.

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