Kevin Spacey to play a man trapped in the body of a cat (no, really!)

House of cards

After being nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for his performance in the Netflix series House of Cards, two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey is apparently looking to try something a little different with Nine Lives, an upcoming comedy that casts him as a workaholic executive who becomes trapped in the body of his family’s pet cat.

(Yes, you read that correctly. The man who made Frank Underwood one of the scariest characters on television is going to play a man trapped in the body of a cat.)

The Wrap reports that Spacey will star in the high-concept film set to be directed by Men In Black filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld, who described the script — which was penned by Daniel Antoniazzi and Ben Shiffrin — as a “funny, emotional, commercial comedy.” The report simply suggests that Spacey’s character ends up in the family pet’s body through some sort of freak accident, so it’s uncertain whether there will be much of an on-screen role for Spacey or if the project simply calls for a voiceover performance from him. Think Look Who’s Talking, except maybe it would be Look Who’s Talking From Inside this Here Tabby.

It’s worth noting that this wouldn’t be the first time Spacey has provided a voice-only performance. He voiced the robot GERTY in the 2009 sci-fi thriller Moon and previously voiced the villain in the 1998 animated feature A Bug’s Life. He has another voice-only role in the upcoming animated feature Boss Baby, and recently voiced a prominent character in last year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare video game.

There’s currently no release date set for Nine Lives and Spacey is the only actor cast in the film so far.