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Fox drops season 2 promos for The Last Man on Earth

One of the last men on Earth would be a better title for Fox’s off-the-wall comedy about the survivors of a pandemic that wiped out most of the human race. Phil Miller (Will Forte) — as anyone who watched season one knows — is NOT The Last Man on Earth, nor is Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal) the last woman. That said, the planet is sparsely populated enough that they can pretty much do whatever they damn well please.

That’s the focus of the new season two promos that hit the Interwebs over the weekend. The two spots show Earth’s last couple acting like the first couple and taking up residence in the White House. While their subsequent tomfoolery isn’t exactly befitting of heads of state, there’s really no one left to call them on it.

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The first spot — dubbed simply “Season 2 Promo” — opens up in the White House briefing room, with Phil Miller taking questions from his inanimate spherical pals. Today’s pressing issue: flatulence. Soon after, we see the new FLOTUS dressed the the nines, mimicking the style of a certain fashion-forward former first lady: “Jackie oh no you didn’t!” cries Kristen Schaal.

The second spot (White House) is the shorter of the two and plays a snippet of Just the Two of Us in the background as Phil roller skates around the presidential property, smashing priceless statues and generally misbehaving. Later, we cut to a shot of the de facto leaders of the free world in the oval office … bathing in a kiddie pool full of margaritas.

The last time we saw the Millers, they were leaving Tuscon for greener pastures and it certainly seems like they’ve found them.

These spots don’t reveal much about the plot of season two, so we’ll have to wait and see how (or if) the other survivors factor in. Either way, fans will be glad to see that more of the same kooky, post-apocalyptic hyjinx is on the way.

The show returns Sunday, Sept. 27, for its sophomore season, and looks ready to deliver plenty more laughs. Stay tuned.

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