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Laverne Cox lands lead role in Fox’s TV remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Orange Is the New Black‘s Laverne Cox is set to take on a big role. The actress will star in Fox’s remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Frank-N-Furter, reports THR, a role previously played by Tim Curry in the original cult classic film.

Prior to casting Cox, the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter was offered to musicians Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. Although not as well known for her singing, Cox has gained critical acclaim for her portrayal of Sophia on Orange Is the New Black. She’s also appeared on a handful of TV series in guest roles, including The Mindy ProjectLaw & Order, and more. As for film, Cox most recently starred in 2015’s Grandma.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show first hit theaters in 1975, starring Curry along with Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick. In the noir musical comedy, which satirizes sci-fi and horror B movies, a young engaged couple, Janet (Sarandon) and Brad (Bostwick), find themselves in need of a phone after their car breaks down.

Cell phone-less (since it’s 1975), the couple ventures to a nearby castle (even though they’re in the United States) to see if they can make a call. Inside, they find Dr. Frank-N-Furter and a slew of other strangers in costumes celebrating an annual convention. From there, the strange twists and turns keep on coming.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show ultimately became a Halloween staple. Even 40 years later, fans dress up and attend midnight showings of the film each fall, complete with audience participation. Fox has cleverly decided to get in on the mania and has plans for a two-hour special.

The remake is set to be produced by Fox 21 Television Studios and the Jackal Group. Kenny Ortega, who worked on High School Musical, has been enlisted to direct, executive produce, and choreograph the TV movie event. Meanwhile, Lou Adler, producer of the original, is attached as executive producer, along with Gail Berman of the Jackal Group.

Unfortunately, fans won’t get to watch the remake this Halloween; instead, Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show is set for to air in fall 2016.

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