Lindsay Lohan up for role in Superman: Man of Steel?

lindsay lohan up for role in superman man of steelEverything seemed to be going so well. The Superman reboot had landed Christopher Nolan to act as producer, he in turn brought in David Goyer to write the screenplay from his original story, and they even cast an actor that most people didn’t hate (granted, that may have something to do with the fact that most people don’t know who Henry Cavill is). Then news breaks that Lindsay Lohan is up for a role in the film. She is not being considered for the role of Lois Lane, but sources claim she is being considered to play a “major character”.

The news comes form the fine folks at TMZ who–while not busy stalking Justin Bieber–have dedicated huge chunks of their lives to chronicling the rise and monumental fall of the actress. Of the many Lohan-ish stories, the most current ongoing drama with the actress may affect the casting news, as Lohan is involved in a pesky felony grand theft charge stemming from her slightly having stolen a $2,500 necklace and having the whole incident captured on camera. Allegedly.

Not to cast aspersions on TMZ, but there is a good chance this casting news is still a rumor. According to the article which cites “sources close to LiLo”, the actress and her people have had multiple phone conversations with members behind Superman: Man of Steel. Whether that means Nolan himself, director Zack Snyder, studio execs, or dozens of other possible people involved isn’t clear.

Lohan is supposedly set to meet with representatives from the film soon. Of course, there might be a bit of a scheduling conflict if she is sentenced to time in jail for the theft. Eh, details.