In the shadow of Gotham: Batman V Superman writer preps Superman TV series, Krypton?

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The success of the Gotham television series — which unfolds during Bruce Wayne’s pre-Batman formative years — may have DC Entertainment looking to mine the origin stories of some of its other superhero icons, as a new rumor suggests that Man Of Steel screenwriter David Goyer is working on a series set on Superman’s home planet.

According to Bleeding Cool, Goyer is attached to a potential television project titled “Krypton.” Although details are scarce regarding the project, the report suggests that the series will be a pre-Superman narrative (similar to the pre-Batman setting of Gotham), involving the House of El and the sort of Kryptonian political drama glimpsed in the opening sequence of Man Of Steel.

It’s worth noting that previous reports from the same outlet regarding a potential Supergirl series and an X-Men television project in development were both subsequently confirmed, so there’s some basis to believe that Krypton might actually be in the works — even if it never makes it to the screen.

This is far from the first television project based on a DC Comics property to have Goyer’s name attached, as the Man Of Steel screenwriter currently serves as executive producer on NBC’s Constantine, the series based on DC Comics’ occult detective. Goyer also wrote an early draft of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.