New pics offer first glimpses of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Kilgrave

Next up on Netflix from Marvel’s small-screen universe is Jessica Jones, which premieres on Nov. 20. Thanks to new photos released by the streamer Thursday, we finally know more about the show’s aesthetic.

The first teaser revealed the show’s premiere date (and sparked our interest, of course), but it didn’t actually offer a clear look at any of the characters or what the daily life of its star may look like. The new photos, on the other hand, show all of the series regulars — Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), David Tennant (Kilgrave), Carrie-Anne Moss (Harper), and Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker/”Patsy”) — going about their lives.

Although the trailer portrayed a very surreal-looking world, the photos paint a more reality-based picture. The characters all look like everyday people, even if some of them do have special abilities. Given that Jessica Jones takes place in the same no-frills, gritty cinematic universe as the Netflix’s Daredevil, the normalcy shown is what was to be expected.

The series will follow Jessica Jones, a former superhero who is hanging up her figurative cape after tragic events. Moving forward, she plans to rebuild her personal life and work as a private detective living in New York City. Over the course of a 13-episode first season, she’ll battle PTSD and solve cases involving others with superhuman abilities, including love interest/crossover hero Luke Cage, super-villain and mind-control specialist Kilgrave, among others.

Jessica Jones is part of a four-pack of Marvel superhero series made for Netflix. It was preceded by the wildly popular Daredevil and will be followed next by Luke Cage, whose star, Colter, will also appear regularly on Jessica Jones. Iron Fist will be the final series before they ultimately coalesce into a Defenders miniseries involving the stars of each.

Clear your calendar for binge-watching: Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix on Nov. 20.

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