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Brief teaser reveals when 'Master of None' season 2 will arrive on Netflix

master of none season 2 premiere teaser
After winning a Primetime Emmy Award and receiving multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominations for its first season, Aziz Ansari’s sitcom Master of None returns this year for a second season — and Ansari offered up the first look at the upcoming season this week.

The Master of None star and co-creator posted a brief teaser on Twitter for the critically acclaimed series’ second season, and accompanied that sneak peek with official word on when the season will premiere on the streaming video service. According to Ansari, fans of Master of None can expect to see a new set of episodes available on Netflix as of May 12.

In the 15-second teaser posted by Ansari, he and actor Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) are seen motoring through country roads in Italy on a pair of scooters. The two friends played by the pair decided to move to Italy in the first season’s final episode, so it appears that they did indeed make it all the way there — although it remains to be seen how Ansari’s character’s pasta-making aspirations will turn out.

Master of None Season 2 premieres May 12th on Netflix.

— Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) March 15, 2017

Created by Ansari and Alan Yang, who also scripted most of the first season’s episodes, Master of None debuted in November 2015 on Netflix. The series casts Ansari as Dev, a 30-year-old actor trying to make a life — and career — for himself in New York City. His social circle includes Noël Wells as Dev’s love interest, Rachel, as well as as Wareheim as Arnold, one of his close friends. Kelvin Yu plays Brian Cheng, another one of Dev’s friends (and according to Yang, his on-screen alter ego), and Lena Waithe plays Denise, another friend.

The show’s first, 10-episode season was met with tremendous critical acclaim. Along with being mentioned on many of the year’s “Best Of” lists, it received four Emmy nominations, including a nomination as the year’s best show in the “Outstanding Comedy Series” category. Ansari and Yang ended up winning an Emmy in the “Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series” category for the second episode of the series, titled “Parents.”

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