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Minecraft movie gets a director in Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny

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Not much is known about the Minecraft movie yet, but we do know who will be directing. Mojang AB, the publisher behind the ridiculously popular sandbox game, announced today that Rob McElhenney has signed on to direct the Warner Bros. project that will bring Minecraft to the big screen.

McElhenney is best known for his involvement with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and while some may know him only as the loveable/slow-witted narcissist Mac on the show, there’s a whole lot more going on there. On top of being the lead creator, developer, and executive producer of the TV series, McElhenney has also written and directed various episodes. He’s been looking to transition to feature films as of late, and this massive film will be his first major breakthrough.

Along with posting a photo of McElhenney on its website, Mojang AB wrote, “Hello there! Some of you may have seen this guy hanging around MINECON in London a couple weeks ago. He’s Rob McElhenney, and he’s going to be directing the upcoming Minecraft movie.” It still doesn’t answer the question as to just what this movie will actually be about, but at least it’s a start.

McElhenney didn’t give much more info, simply tweeting to Mojang his hopes that they’ll do “something strange and wonderful.”

Minecraft, which debuted in 2009, is an open world game that gives players the freedom to choose how they want to play the game, whether it be building, exploring, gathering resources, crafting, or combat. With so many options, the movie adaptation could go in a variety of directions. Although we’d put our money on the flick skewing towards action, we do anticipate McElhenney’s comedic flair to play a big role in the film, as well.

While details are scarce, those wondering if the Minecraft film will be an animated venture along the lines of the The Lego Movie probably aren’t too far off base. According to Deadline, after Warner Bros. acquired film rights from Mojang in February 2014 the studio teamed up with Lego Movie producer Roy Lee, who will produce through his Vertigo Entertainment company. Producer Jill Messick has also reportedly signed onto the project. We’ll keep tabs on this story as more develops, so stay tuned.

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