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The Minority Report TV series will reportedly follow female detective 10 years after film

Tom Cruise in Minority Report
Plans for a television series based on Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film The Minority Report (based on Philip K. Dick’s short story of the same name) were announced last month, leading to much speculation about what direction the series would take and how it would connect with the hit film that starred Tom Cruise. Some of those questions may have been answered by the latest report on the project, which sheds some unofficial light on the casting and context for the program.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will be set ten years after the events of the film, with one of the former “precogs” employed by the agency to predict crimes now attempting to lead a normal life despite his precognitive gift. When he meets a female detective struggling to reconcile her own demons, the pair find a joint purpose in life.

There’s no word on casting for the series yet, but it was rumored that the project is looking to cast a well-known actor for the lead role, much as Spielberg and his production studio did with Halle Berry in Extant.

The series is currently being scripted by Godzilla writer Max Borenstein, and is being developed by 20th Century Fox — which makes it likely that FOX will have the first opportunity to pick up the series.

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