More Hobbit casting news- two Doctors and double Magnetos?

more hobbit casting news the gandalf

It was only last week that The Hobbit finally received the greenlight to begin filming, but that the people behind the film doesn’t mean people have been idle. After months of planning, Peter Jackson and company have begun the difficult job of casting the movie that will be released as two parts. So while the news coming out of Deadline must still be considered as rumors, let the speculation begin!

According to the report, James Nesbitt, Michael Fassbender and David Tennant are all up for roles in the film. Rejoining the discussion are several names that have been attached to the project through the difficult months in limbo, including Martin Freeman who is still in consideration to play Bilbo, Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who) who has long been rumored to play Radagast the Brown and Andy Serkis who is expected to return as Gollum.

Freeman’s role has been one of the biggest focal points of the rumor mill lately. Reports had him officially being offered the role of Bilbo, but Freeman turned it down in order to fulfill his obligations to the BBC in order to co-star in the second season of Sherlock as Dr. John Watson. Then studio then went back to Freeman and agreed to change the filming schedule to accommodate the actor. Although Freeman has not officially been cast, several sources claim it is simply a matter of agreeing to terms.

Nesbitt (Bloody Sunday, Jekyll) has allegedly been officially offered a role, but who he will play is still a matter of speculation. Early rumors have him cast as Bofur, one of the dwarves that accompany Bilbo and Gandalf on their quest that leads them to the dragon Smaug.

Fassbender’s role is still a matter of pure conjecture, but it is interesting to note that if Fassbender does appear in The Hobbit, and assuming Sir Ian McKellan returns as is expected, The Hobbit would feature both modern day Magnetos.

What role Tennant will play is also unknown, but to add to the mounting geek cred, the movie could also feature two Doctor Whos in Tennant and McCoy. Tennant was originally mentioned as the lead in role of Bilbo, but with Freeman the clear frontrunner for that, it is anyone’s guess who Tennant might play.

Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving are also expected to return as Galadriel and Elrond respectively. As for everyone else, feel free to speculate below. Who do you think each actor should be?