MPAA demands that The Hangover Part II trailer be pulled

mpaa demands that the hangover part ii trailer be pulled wallpaperLast week when the trailer for the upcoming The Hangover Part II aired, there were a few concerns. The jokes were not all that great, the gags seemed familiar, and–worst of all–the plot seemed to be a carbon copy of the original, down to the supporting actors from the first film improbably making their way across the ocean to suddenly run into the film’s stars. But while fans may have been slightly concerned, or at the very least underwhelmed by the clip, there was a much bigger problem with the trailer. Simulated monkey sex.

After viewing the trailer, the MPAA immediately contacted the film’s distributor, Warner Bros., and demanded that the trailer be removed from all theaters and not aired on any of the official websites.

The problem stems from the scene at the end, where Zack Galifianakis’ character puts a water bottle in an old man’s pants and has a monkey simulate a…well, very non PG-13 act, which earned the ire of the MPAA. Warner Bros. quickly apologized for the trailer in a statement given to The Hollywood Reporter, and complied by yanking the trailer offline and out of the theaters.

We applaud the quick work of the MPAA in their diligent monitoring of all potentially offensive video clips–like that of The Hangover Part II–and we are glad that the offending trailer will no longer plague the innocent and unsuspecting eyeballs of unwitting theater audiences. The trailer is both disgusting and obscene, and should never be aired again! You can find it here, or just watch it below.

The Hangover Part II will hit theaters on May 26, Memorial Day weekend.

[Warning: The following trailer may not be suitable for all MPAAs]