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Your video skills could land you a ticket to the NBA All-Star Game

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Wikimedia Commons / Keith Allison
Those funny parodies of Kobe Bryant’s snarl, reviews of the sneakers worn in NBA games, and even footage of epic street ball games — the NBA wants it all. The NBA and multiplatform network BroadbandTV announced Tuesday the launch of NBA Playmakers, an online video network of people making video content about all things basketball.

The NBA is opening up its treasured vault of Steph Curry three-pointer footage and Lebron James bullet pass highlights for NBA fans with a passion for creating video content. Content creators who sign up for NBA Playmakers will be able to access exclusive NBA footage and its private Google hangout forums, and have early access to the league’s viral videos, in addition to a litany of other perks. The NBA Playmaker network is set to play an integral role in the NBA’s digital presence as content creators get a chance at guest-starring on NBA properties such as NBA TV and official NBA content.

“Creating and sharing videos with others are part of being a digitally engaged fan,” said NBA Vice President of Global Media Distribution Jeff Marsilio in a press release. “Our new venture with industry leader BBTV will further embrace this growing community of creators, and aims to inspire original basketball content that will connect with our fans around the world.”

The first taste of what will come from NBA Playmakers will arrive during the NBA Finals in June. Top YouTube content creators will create versions of the NBA’s Every Second Counts TV ad, which features a new song from legendary hip-hop producer Timbaland. The NBA Playmaker versions will be released on the NBA’s social media accounts.

While the NBA and BroadbandTV are preparing to open up the content kingdom, everything isn’t open to everyone. Such perks as early access to EA and 2K basketball games, tickets to NBA games including the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, and collaborating with the NBA and players for official NBA content are accessible to those that meet unspecified criteria. The NBA does not have explicit guidelines on how to access these perks, but it all will revolve around how many eyeballs you can get on your content.

For those with a insatiable desire and creativity for capturing the game of basketball on video, you can sign up for the NBA Playmakers network at its official website.

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