Everything Netflix has canceled in 2020 so far

Netflix has been having an amazing run thus far with many of its original series receiving accolades, including Emmy nominations and wins. But not every series Netflix touches turns to gold. And those that don’t make the grade end up on the cutting room floor.

While the streaming service does not typically release viewership numbers, it’s safe to say that the series Netflix canceled this year did not pull in the numbers it had hoped. Or, in some cases, the shows simply ran their course. Nonetheless, some of the recently canceled series might be worth watching to decide for yourself.

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Turn Up Charlie

One would think that with Idris Elba behind this series, both as a co-creator and star, it would be ratings gold. But sadly, Netflix gave the British comedy the axe after just a single season of eight episodes. The series tells the story of Charlie, a disc jockey and lifelong bachelor who somehow ends up becoming the nanny for the bratty daughter of his famous friend Sara (Piper Perabo). It premiered in 2019 and was criticized for poor writing and predictable plot twists. But Elba’s performance might make it palatable.


Merry Happy Whatever

Even Dennis Quaid couldn’t save this 2019 comedy, which only lasted a single season of eight episodes. Quaid played Don Quinn, a conservative patriarch and deputy sheriff who is never happy with the partners his kids bring home. Most recently, that includes his youngest daughter Emmy’s (Bridgit Mendler) new beau, a struggling musician named Matt (Brent Morin). The series takes place over a one-week period during Christmas, as the title suggests. Ashley Tisdale also stars as Kayla, Don’s closeted middle daughter.


October Faction

Another one-season series, this supernatural drama premiered in January but the cancellation was announced just two months later. The story centered around Fred and Deloris, who Netflix describes as “globetrotting monster hunters.” While residing in upstate New York, the couple and their two teenage children attempt to hide their true identities along with the existence of a secret organization to which they belong. The reviews aren’t promising, with the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate critic rating at 33%. But given that not many weighed in with their opinions, it could very well be that the series got buried by algorithms, and subscribers didn’t dig deep enough to find the show.


V Wars

Based on the novel series by Jonathan Maberry, Ian Somerhalder stars in this sci-fi horror about a physician-scientist Dr. Luther Swann and his best friend Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) who are struggling to deal with a deadly outbreak and a potential war between humans and vampires. Tackling climate change and a virus that turns people into vampires sounds like a recipe for success, but it wasn’t enough. Viewers didn’t bite, and the 2019 series only lasted one season of 10 episodes.



With a lot of promise and decent reviews, why did this 2019 series get canceled after just one season? Some speculate that it was due to outcry by deeply religious communities that felt the series delved too deep into controversial religious content. Another reason could be the expense of filming in so many locations around the world. Nonetheless, the story about a mesmerizing young man who calls himself Al-Masih (Mehdi Dehbi) and proclaims to be the messiah won’t continue. The first season centered around Al-Masih presumably performing miracles and amassing a large group of followers. However, some non-believers, including CIA officers Aviram Dahan (Tomer Sisley) and Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan), didn’t buy his presumed act and believed he was a con man, though even they had their doubts.


AJ and the Queen

RuPaul’s Drag Race has been tremendously successful, but he couldn’t replicate that experience with this comedy-drama, which premiered in 2020 and was canceled after a 10-episode first season. In it, RuPaul stars as Ruby Red, a drag queen who travels across the U.S. in her RV, doing club gigs along the way. All the while, she is accompanied by AJ, a tough, orphaned 10-year-old stowaway with whom she strikes an unlikely friendship. The series meant well and was applauded for its themes of love and acceptance. But it just didn’t pull in the numbers to keep going.



This dark comedy-drama is based on the 2014 New York Times article “The Pageant King of Alabama” by Jeff Chu. Teenager Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) has dealt with weight issues, but when an accident and mandatory three-month liquid diet lead to her quickly shedding pounds, she seeks revenge on those who bullied her for being overweight. Meanwhile, she’s noticed by a civil lawyer and beauty pageant coach who are convinced they can turn her into a beauty queen. The series faced controversy when it was released in 2018, including a Change.org petition calling for a cancellation and accusing the series of “fat shaming.” Despite the abysmal reviews (by critics, at least) and public outcry, the show lasted for two seasons.


Spinning Out

Christos Kalohoridis / Netflix

It took just a month for Netflix to cancel this 2020 drama about a young ice skater named Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) who, after getting injured and believing her career is over, gets a second chance to work as a pairs skater. But she has a history of mental illness in her family that she is trying to hide from others. While battling to keep this a secret, she and her bad boy partner Justin (Evan Roderick) try to fight their way to the Olympics.



Netflix tried its hand at the musical genre with this drama, debuting in 2019, about love stories connecting various people in Los Angeles through, you guessed it, music. Characters range from Sam (Paul James), a widower with a son, to Nelli (Callie Hernandez), the aspiring artist, and Joanna (Jenna Dewan), a social worker and former dancer. After 10 episodes, however, the music fizzled out and the show was canceled. Interestingly, however, it seems that while critics gave it a failing grade, audiences seemed to love the show.


BoJack Horseman

The most successful of the series on this list, this adult animated comedy-drama reached its end this year after six seasons, with the final season having streamed in January. The show is about an anthropomorphic horse named BoJack (Will Arnett), a once a successful sitcom star struggling to return to the Hollywood scene. The star-studded cast also includes Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, and Aaron Paul. The series earned two Primetime Emmy Award nominations through its run. A review from Rolling Stone called it “phenomenal” and named the show among the 50 best of the 2010s.


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