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F Is for Family (among other words) in NSFW trailer for the Netflix original series

Don’t expect “family” to be the only F-word being thrown around in the new trailer for F Is for Family. As we can see in the preview, released on November 16 by Netflix, the Bill Burr animated comedy is neither G-rated nor politically correct.

The upcoming series is set in 1973 and follows the dysfunctional Murphy family. Burr co-creates the series with Simpsons writer Michael Price, so naturally, it will be more raunchy than heart-warming, and the latest trailer certainly proves this to be the case. With the series appearing on Netflix rather than a traditional TV network, it’s clear the show’s writers were given more leeway in terms of language and content.

As we’ve seen in every look at the series so far, the ’70s was a very different time. The new trailer kicks off with the youngest Murphy son, Bill (voiced by Haley Reinhart), watching TV as an ad promotes White House Draft beer (“the one draft you won’t want to dodge”), a brew that’s recommended for drinking and driving — at least in this cartoon world. Obviously patriarch Frank (Burr) subscribes to this notion, given that we later see him asking Bill to take the wheel while he cracks open a can.

Gender roles are another area of difference. Sue (Laura Dern), Bill’s wife, takes issue when he refers to her job as “her little hobby” and defends her daughter when he tells her that “girl astronauts” are just as mythical as vampires. His parenting tactics are also questionable, and when his wife makes suggestions for improvement in this area he goes off on a tangent about naked hippies.

Burr executive produces the series alongside actor Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, and Wild West Television’s Michael Lagnese and Victoria Vaughn.

The entire six-episode first season of F Is for Family will be available on Netflix on December 18.

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