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Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls for four feature films

netflix gilmore girls
Grab a box of Kleenex and get ready to feel all the feels — Gilmore Girls is coming back, and for the last time. On Friday, stars of the hit show confirmed that the cult classic would be making one final hurrah on Netflix before bidding adieu to sobbing fans everywhere. And best of all, most of the original cast is on board. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson, and Keiko Agena, are all ready to reprise their famous roles as residents of Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

Perhaps the most famous mother-daughter duo in television, Graham and Bledel will be playing Lorelai and Rory for the four 90-minute Netflix original movies. All of the films will be written and directed by original Gilmore Girls creator and executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino. Her husband, Daniel Palladino, who was also an executive producer of the show, is pitching in on the farewell season too. The latest installation of the famous comedy-drama will be set in present day, and each 90-minute segment will take place over the course of a season (and look at that — there are four of those too).

For a while, fans have complained that Gilmore Girls (like many other popular series) did not give audiences a satisfying conclusion, largely due to the fact that Sherman-Palladino had no part of the finale and was “not able to finish it the way she had originally planned,” according to Deadline. And the stars of the show seem just as excited as viewers for the revival.

“I am thrilled Warner Bros. and Netflix have gathered us all once more for a return to Stars Hollow. We have an unbelievably talented cast, and with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino’s rich writing and character development, the story continues its timeless arc,” said Scott Patterson, who played (and will play) Luke Danes in the show. “I’m excited to see where the characters are now, and find out where and how they develop. I am happy to be back working with my friends and castmates, but even more thrilled for the fans. All of this is because of them, and without our fans, none of this would have been possible. Luke’s Diner is now open for business!”

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