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Watch the trailer for ‘Travelers,’ Netflix’s new sci-fi/time-travel series

The year might be almost over, but Netflix still has more fresh content coming, including the sci-fi series Travelers. With just days until the show’s premiere, the streaming service unveiled the its official trailer Tuesday.

The show takes two elements that are common in science fiction — time travel and the end of the humanity — and gives them an interesting spin. Instead of characters physically transporting themselves through time, they send consciousness into the bodies of people in the past. Travelers‘ protagonists do this in the moment the hosts are about to die, all in the name of rewriting history and averting disaster.

The series’ time travelers are a team of survivors led by FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack). Of course, as good sci-fi typically does, their actions raise larger philosophical questions as they take over hosts. Based on the preview, some of the survivors grapple with their actions — it’s not easy for them to watch potential hosts die and do nothing.

“I can’t keep pretending this is normal,” one of the men says.

Travelers also includes some action along the way. The members of the team are all clearly equipped to handle weapons, and they have to use them. “Don’t think the future doesn’t get its hands dirty,” we’re told at one point.

In addition to McCormack, who is known for starring in Will & Grace and, more recently, Perception, the cast includes Patrick Gilmore, McKenzie Porter, Nesta Cooper, Jared Abrahamson, and Reilly Dolman. The series was created by Brad Wright, who is known for his work on the Stargate TV series.

Travelers is currently airing in Canada on Showcase, and all 12 episodes will make their Netflix debut on December 23.

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